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    • High reserve levels: SAMWUMED continues to show strong financial stability with over 80% reserves, way above the minimum statutory requirements (25%).
    • Lowest non-healthcare costs: Our non-healthcare costs remain the lowest in the industry and we endeavour to spend more on our members, giving you assurance of continued affordable cover.
    • Value for money for larger families.
    • No late joiner fees: SAMWUMED currently does not impose penalties for late joining members, as we stand by our principle that all South Africans deserve quality healthcare, which is what we fought for during the years of oppression.
    • No costs for replacement cards: If your medical aid card is lost, stolen or damaged, you will receive a new card at no extra charge.
    • Register family members: You as a principal member may register your family members, including parents, parents-in-law, grandchildren and adult children.
    • Tailor-Made Preventative Healthcare Benefit: take ownership of your own health with free vaccinations, screening, healthcare assessments and more.
    • National footprint: Our dedicated team of Sales Consultants and Brokers are available to provide an effective service to you in all the regions of South Africa.


SAMWUMED is the local government employees’ preferred medical aid scheme, offering quality healthcare plans at affordable rates

Who Qualifies?

Membership to SAMWUMED is not restricted to SAMWU union members – any worker in local government and other support industries are eligible to join. 



How to Join

For your convenience, you can apply to become a member of SAMWUMED by completing our membership application form. The application form must be completed in full and submitted to the applicant's employer, together with all the necessary documentation.

Click here to download the membership application form


Register Dependants

To register a dependant, click on the link below to download the application form which can be faxed or emailed together with all the necessary documentation.

Register a Dependant



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