Member Contributions


Relevant medical aid benefits at affordable rates


Our two medical aid plans, Option A and Option B, are designed to meet the individual needs of our members, each representing different rates of contribution, and therefore a different level of medical aid cover.  Your medical aid cover can be paid from two sources: your employer's subsidy and your monthly salary. Contributions are calculated according to income and family size and are paid monthly, in arrears.


If you join after 31 March, you will be subject to pro-rated benefits. This means that you will only be entitled to benefits according to the contributions that you have made:

January - March 100% of benefit
April - June 75% of benefit
July - September 50% of benefit
October - December     25% of benefit

  OptionAContributionTable copy OptionBContributionTable copy


The info on this page, extracted from the 2018 Brochure, is prepared and distributed for purposes of providing you with essential information to help you select the best benefit option for you and your family. It is not a full guide to the Scheme Rules and Benefits and does not supersede the Scheme Rules. All contributions and benefit options presented in the 2018 Brochure are subject to the approval by the Council for Medical Schemes. Kindly familiarise yourself with your chosen benefit option and note where pre-authorisations, motivations and or letters of referral are required to access benefits.

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