SAMWUMED Hosts its Inaugural Specialist Indaba

Friday 14th February, 2014. Sharing of the minds was the order of the evening, at the inaugural SAMWUMED-Melomed Medical Specialists Indaba that took place on Tuesday, 11 February 2014, at the Marimba Restaurant, Cape Town. The event which was a collaborated effort between SAMWUMED and Melomed Private Hospital Group aimed at addressing some fundamental issues that exist between the private health and the funding sectors, which include the need for the health industry to progress from a curative health model to a preventative health model.

Addressing close to 60 medical specialists, Principal Officer of SAMWUMED Neil Nair said “SAMWUMED has initiated a preventative care benefit, about which we are very confident of its success. Planned healthcare, via appropriate, unambiguous regulation is the only way forward to a vibrant and sustainable national health system; both in the public and private sectors.”

Also invited as a keynote speaker, was Dr. Rajesh Patel, Head: Benefits and Risk from the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) of Southern Africa. His presentation was about the 2012 Health Quality Assessment (HQA) Report. The report speaks to the importance of managed care, the problems that create a negative perception and the disease prevalence percentage comparison of SAMWUMED and its equivalents.

“SAMWUMED prides itself by its low contributions, as our demographics compromise of low income earners, and we believe that the only solution is that of formalised consultations between the key stakeholders (Providers and Funders). As a restricted medical scheme our contributions approximate to an average of about half that of the industry, but yet, we must ensure funding of the same health conditions, which afflict the general populace,” continued Nair.

Other distinguished guest speakers were the Chairman of Melomed Private Hospitals Mr. Ebrahim Bhorat who emphasised the hospital group’s support of the relationship that has revolved over ten (10) years between SAMWUMED and Melomed hospitals.

Neil Nair concluded by saying “the social dialogue that was created at the Medical Specialist Indaba, will strengthen our collective mandate to ensure a healthy membership with unfettered access to quality health outcomes.”

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