Additional Value


This unique benefit offers SAMWUMED members peace of mind should a member deplete his/her annual medicine benefit. In partnership with our pharmacy network, SAMWUMED has created a formulary (a specific list of most cost effective medicines) available over the counter for the 10 most common ailments.

Subject to Scheme tariffs, members can access these from your approved pharmacist without paying extra money.



A chronic condition is a persistent or otherwise long-lasting illness that may be longer than three months or lifelong. SAMWUMED will cover for the diagnosis, treatment and care of 26 chronic conditions.
SAMWUMED works with Medscheme to give members the best advice on the use of their chronic medication, as well as ensure that their chronic benefits are correctly allocated.

You treating doctor will need to call our Managed Care Provider, Medscheme on 0860 33 33 87 to register for your Chronic Medication.



SAMWUMED will cover you for approved medical expenses when you are in hospital. The comprehensive hospital benefit cover ensures you are taken care of should you or your loved ones land up in a hospital.
We have partnered with Medscheme as our Hospital and Oncology Benefit Management Service Provider to manage your hospital care.

For all hospital pre-authorisations members can call 0860 33 33 87.


Unless an emergency, members will need to contact Medscheme no less than 72 Hours before the procedure to get authorisation for their admission to hospital.



  • Improved access to Private Hospitals

  • PMB’s in Private Hospitals
  • Develop and maintain longer term relationshipswith Private Hospital groups



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