Fact Sheet: World Malaria Report 2016

The World Malaria Report, published annually by WHO, tracks progress and trends in malaria control and elimination across the globe. It is developed by WHO in collaboration with ministries of health and a broad range of partners. The 2016 report draws on data from 91 countries and areas with ongoing malaria transmission.

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SHOCKING: Less than 0.2% of SA are organ donors

 Worldwide, every day 57 people receive organs – while 13 die waiting. Signing up to become an organ donor is simple and costs you nothing.

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A Guide to Good Posture

It’s something our bodies utilise daily, but often we forget just how important good posture is. As a result we can be putting unnecessary strain on necks, shoulders and back muscles – often unawares. By walking, sitting, sleeping and lifting objects properly, you’ll not only prevent severe muscle and ligament problems, but ensure these remain healthy for years to come.

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"Let's Talk", WHO says, as depression rates rise 18 pct in a decade

  • More than 300 million people worldwide have depression
  • WHO calls for more investment in mental health
  • "Depression: Let's Talk" campaign aims to tackle stigma
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The Zika virus makes its way to Africa

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently added four countries to its list of places with local transmission of the Zika virus. Two are in Africa.

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